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The Civil War
Traditional American Songs
1. Drums Of War - Old Bethpage Brass Band
2. Quote - Oliver Wendall Holmes
3. Ashokan Farewell - NA
4. The Battle Cry Of Freedom - NA
5. We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder - NA
6. Dixie/Bonnie Blue Flag - The New American Brass Band
7. Cheer Boys Cheer - The New American Brass Band
8. Angel Band - Russ Barenburg
9. Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier - Jacqueline Schwab
10. Lorena - Jay Ungar
11. Parade - The New American Brass Band
12. Hail Columbia - The New American Brass Band
13. Dixie - Bobby Horton
14. Kingdom Coming - Jay Ungar
15. Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Matt Glaser
16. All Quiet On The Potomic - Jacqueline Schwab
17. Flag Of Columbia - Jacqueline Schwab
18. Weeping Sad And Lonely - Jacqueline Schwab
19. Yankee Doodle - The Old Bethpage Brass Band
20. Palmyra Schottische - The New American Brass Band
21. When Johnny Comes Marching Home - The Old Bethpage Brass Band
22. Shenandoah - John Colby
23. When Johnny Comes Marching Home - M. Manson
24. Marching Through Georgia - J. Ungar
25. Marching Through Georgia(Lament) - Jacqueline Schwab
26. Battle Cry Of Freedom - Jacqueline Schwab
27. Battle Hymn Of The Republic
28. Ashokan Farewell/Sullivan Ballou Letter - Paul Roebling
Songs of the Union Army
Songs of the Union Army
  • 1. Battle Cry Of Freedom
  • 2. The Army Of The Free
  • 3. New York Volunteer
  • 4. May God Save The Union
  • 5. We'll Fight For Uncle Abe
  • 6. Pat Murphy Of The Irish Brigade
  • 7. Marching Along
  • 8. The Vacant Chair
  • 9. The Why And The Wherefore
  • 10. We Are Coming Father Abraham
  • 11. Grafted Into The Army
  • 12. Weeping, Sad And Lonely
  • 13. Kingdom Coming
  • 14. Take Your Gun And Go, John
  • 15. Tenting On The Old Camp Ground
  • 16. Good-bye Old Glory
  • 17. Battle Hymn Of The Republic

The Civil War
1. Prologue - Charlie Daniels
2. Brother, My Brother - Michael Scott Lanning
3. Lincoln: The Better Angels of Our Nature - James Garner
4. By the Sword/Sons of Dixie - Broadway All-Stars
5. Tell My Father - Kevin Sharp
6. My Name Is Frederick Douglass - Danny Glover
7. Freedom's Child - Hootie & the Blowfish
8. Missing You (My Bill) - Deana Carter
9. If Prayin' Were Horses - Michael Bell
10. Virginia - Gene Miller
11. Day the Sun Stood Still - Travis Tritt
12. Oh Be Joyful - Broadway All-Stars
13. Frederick Douglass: The Destiny of America - Danny Glover
14. Father How Long? - Michael Bell
15. Reprise: Brother, My Brother - Michael Scott Lanning
16. Nurse's Diary - Linda Eder
17. I Never Knew His Name - Linda Eder
18. Still I Rise - Maya Angelou
19. River Jordan - BeBe Winans

Songs of the Civil War
Tennessee Ernie Ford
1. Stonewall Jackson's Way
2. Lorena
3. Riding A Raid
4. Maryland, My Maryland
5. Goober Peas
6. I Can Whip The Scoundrel
7. Bonnie Blue Flag
8. Vailant Conscript
9. Rebel Soldier
10. Southern Wagon
11. Fight Of The Doodles
12. Dixie
13. Army Of The Free
14. Virginia's Bloody Soul
15. Marching Song (Of The First Arkansas Negro Regiment)
16. Why And The Wherefore
17. Vacant Chair
18. Fall Of Charleston
19. New York Volunteer
20. Faded Coat Of Blue
21. Marching Through Georgia
22. Just Before The Battle, Mother
23. Girl I Left Behind Me
24. Union Dixie
Civil War Classics
1. The Girl I Left Behind Me/Waiting for the Federals
2. Lorena
3. Cumberland Gap
4. Hard Times
5. The Yellow Rose of Texas
6. Tenting on the Old Camp Ground
7. Hard Crackers
8. Marching Through Georgia
9. Hit's of the 60's (Kingdom Coming/Battle Cry of Freedom/Dixie/Battle Hymn of the Republic)
10. The Faded Coat of Blue
11. President Lincoln's Hornpipe
12. Fisher's Hornpipe/Leather Britches/Bill Cheatham
13. Ashokan Farewell
Folk Songs of the Civil War
1. First Shot
2. Shiloh
3. Antietam
4. Stonewall's Brigade
5. Jeb's Black Horse Brigade
6. Gettysburg Recalled
7. V.M.I.'s Gallant Hour
8. Battle of Atlanta
9. Virginia's Heritage
10. Confederate Flag
11. Lee's Command
12. Appomattox

Songs of the Civil War
1. Weeping, Sad and Lonely
2. Yankee Doodle Dandy/Dixie
3. John Brown's Body
4. Battle Hymn of the Republic
5. Goober Peas
6. Lorena
7. Corporal Schnapps
8. Just Before the Battle, Mother
9. Bonnie Blue Flag
10. Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground
11. There Was an Old Soldier
12. Hard Crackers
13. Stonewall Jackson's Way
14. We Are Coming, Father Abraham
15. All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight
16. When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again
17. Music Medley
Songs of the Civil War
1. Ashokan Farewell - Fiddle Fever
2. No More Auction Block - Sweet Honey in the Rock
3. Lincoln and Liberty - Ronnie Gilbert
4. Dixie's Land - US Military Academy Band
5. Southern Soldier Boy - Kathy Mattea
6. Aura Lea - John Hartford
7. Rebel Soldier - Waylon Jennings
8. Follow the Drinking Gourd - Richie Havens
9. Battle Hymn of the Republic (John Brown's Body) - Judy Collins
10. When Johnny Comes Marching Home - US Military Academy Band
11. Was My Brother in the Battle? - Kate McGarrigle
12. Yellow Rose of Texas - Hoyt Axton
13. Run, Mourner, Run - Sweet Honey in the Rock
14. Give Us a Flag - Richie Havens
15. Secesh (Shiloh) - John Hartford
16. Somebody's Darling - Kathy Mattea
17. Old Unreconstructed - Waylon Jennings
18. Vacant Chair - Kathy Mattea
19. Better Times Are Coming - Kate McGarrigle
20. Lorena - John Hartford
21. Marching Through Georgia - Fiddle Fever
22. Hard Times Come Again No More - Kate McGarrigle
23. Oh I'm a Good Old Rebel - Hoyt Axton
24. When Johnny Comes Marching Home - Ronnie Gilbert
25. Taps - Steve Luck
The Civil War Collection
1. Booth Shot Lincoln/I'll Learn You How to Rock Andy
2. Three Forks of Hell/Arkansas Traveler/Pop Goes the Weasel
3. Camp Chase
4. Rebel Raid/Abe' Retreat
5. They Swung John Brown to a Sour Apple Tree
6. Dixie/Come Dance and Sing
7. McClanahan's March
8. St. Patrick's Day in the Morning/Garry Owen/Haste to the Wedding
9. Stony Point
10. Falls of Richmond
11. There Is a Fountain
12. Little Rose Is Gone/Billy in the Lowground
13. Bragg's Retreat/Leather Britches
14. Last of Sizemore
15. Money Musk 1/Money Musk 2
16. Natchez Under the Hill 1 & 2/Turkey in the Straw
17. Hell Broke Loose in Georgia
18. John Brown's March/John Brown's Dream
19. Republican Spirit/Mississippi Sawyer
20. Quince Dillon's High D/Richmond Blues
21. Seneca Square Dance
22. Boneparte's Retreat/Boneparte's Charge/Boneparte's March

Civil War
1. Regicide
2. Jealous Order Of Candied Knights
3. Reconstruction
4. Y T T E
5. For The Trees
6. The Stars And Stripes Forever
7. Pelt And Holler
8. The Struggle Against Unreality
9. For The Trees
10. Cabin In The Sky
Holding Rugged Ground
1. Introduction: Grandmother Stories
2. Plight of common soldiers
3. Old grievances, new tensions
4. Divided sentiments in western Virginia
5. Secession Ordinance vote
6. Battle of Philippi
7. Confederate forts
8. David Hart leads Union forces
9. Battle of Rich Mountain
10. Laurel Hill abandoned
11. Battle at Corrick's Ford
12. McClellan's victory: Napoleonic telegrams
13. Laura Arnold's mission
14. Lee's first campaign
15. Battle of Greenbriar River
16. Battle of Allegheny Mountain
17. Winter on Allegheny Mountain
18. Living off the land
19. Conclusion: War's end
Campfire Memories
1. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
2. Tenting on the Old Campground
3. Why and the Wherefore
4. Aura Lea
5. Haste to the Wedding
6. Vacant Chair
7. Battle Hymn of the Republic
8. Star Spangled Banner
9. Yellow Rose of Texas
10. All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight
11. Southern Wagon
12. Lorena
13. Ida Red
14. Somebody's Darling
15. Bonnie Blue Flag
16. Dixie

Battlefield Ballads
1. Brother Green
2. Battle of Shiloh's Hill
3. Waiting for the Federals
4. Battle of Pea Ridge
5. Battle of Bull Run
6. Battle of Antietam Creek
7. Sherman's March
8. Battle of Shiloh
9. John Brown's March
10. The Sunny South
11. On the Plains of Manassas
12. Battle of Prairie Grove
13. Hell Broke Loose in Georgia
Shades of Blue and Gray
1. Road To Gettysburg
2. Death Of Jenny Wade
3. Mule Shoe
4. By The Sword They Lived By
5. Farewell To Thee
6. Atlanta
7. You Will Refuse The Line
8. By The Cavalry
9. Carry The Colors
10. Tears Of A Generation
Honor To Our Soldiers
1. Star Spangled Banner
2. Dixie & The Bonnie Blue Flag
3. Honor to Our Soldiers
4. Salutation to America Grand Polka
5. Lustspiel Overture
6. My Heart's With My Nora
7. Meridian Waltz
8. O Ye Tears
9. Holiday Polka
10. Polonaise
11. Wrecker's Daughter Quickstep
12. Selections from "Rigoletto"
13. Polka Mazurka
14. Maud Schottisch
15. Vida Galop
16. Wood up Quickstep
17. Vergistmeinieht
18. Ninetta Polka
19. Sextet & Cavatina from Lucia Di Lammermoor
20. Juanita
21. Martha Quickstep
22. Home Again
23. Louisa Polka
24. Light Cavalry Overture

American History Through Folksong
with historical narration
Six-volume series that traces the history of our country through song. From the tunes of 17th century Colonial America to those of the labor movement in the 1980s, this is the music sung by the common people to express their feelings, fears, frustrations and fanciful parts of their lives...A dramatic lesson on the role music has played...both in recording history and in uniting common attitudes...enjoyable listening...a delightful and timeless look at our past
  The Home Front-17 Authentic Tunes of the Civil War
1. Kingdom Coming
2. Yellow Rose of Texas
3. Cumberland Gap
4. Camptown Races
5. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
6. Run Johnny Run
7. My Old Kentucky Home
8. The Minstrel Boy
9. Buffalo Gals/Alabama Gals
10. The Rebel Soldier
11. Wild Horses at Stoney Point
12. Darling Nelly Gray
13. Old Dan Tucker
14. Johnny Is Gone For a Soldier
15. Leather Britches
16. Cotton-Eyed Joe
17. When I Saw Sweet Nelly Home

Gettysburg; Original Soundtrack
Gettysburg: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Titles include
Battle At Devils Den
From History To Legend
Over The Fence

Randy Edelman's broad score for this epic Civil War adventure is a vast tribute to the drama and tragedy of the battle that inspired Abraham Lincoln's ageless memorial address. While a couple of traditional cues appear, the score is derived primarily from Edelman's heroic main theme, which gives the score a hugeness befitting the historical battle and its widescreen depiction. Thunderous orchestrations, rendered intimate by acoustic guitar, speak eloquently for the soldiers who fought on both sides.

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