Manufacture Mark on General McClellan's Copy of Special Order 191


  The Platner & Porter Manufacturing Co. embossed its paper stock with the image of the Capitol, the word CONGRESS underneath and Platner & Porter in an arc over it.  

  It was very difficult capturing the watermark on film. It is very faint on McClellan's copy. I have seen the watermark on paper stock in possession of the Virginia Historical Society (Custis Lee's manuscript referred to in footnote), perfectly preserved, beautiful to behold, but the Society refuses to allow it to be photographed, looked at, but not photographed.  

Watermark on special order 191

Watermark on McCllean special order 1191



Collected by Joseph Ryan from the National Archives


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Joe Ryan is a Los Angeles trial lawyer who has traveled the route of the Army of Northern Virginia, from Richmond to Gettysburg several times.