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The domain name was purchased in 1997 when there was significant historical records being held on government servers that did not have a user friendly way access method. The material was developed by the National Park Service (NPS). The NPS content pages of this site provide the source of the information and the Park Service employee if it was notated on the original material.

Content that is original and published on the site has the authors name credited on their content page. If the author wanted to provide an email address and/or a domain a link is provided to the author's website. The original content titles are all listed on the OriginalWorks page.

There are many pages that have content from US Army records, the archives of West Point, the Library of Congress and various other sources where public domain records are hosted.

The images used on the site are from The Library of Congress or as part of other Library centers in National Museums.  Pictures that are posted on Original content pages are either the property of the Author or from a public domain source.

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