Black Slave Owners

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What happened in the Civil War ©
  November 1860 Abraham Lincoln is Elected by the Northern States
  December 1860 President James Buchanan - State of the Union Address
  January 1861 The Situation in Charleston Harbor
  February 1861 The Confederate Government Is Formed
  March 1861 President Lincoln's Inauguration Day
  April 1861 Lincoln Dupes the Confederates to fire on Sumter
  May 1861 Lincoln builds an army and invades Virginia
  June 1861 Virginia Defends Herself
  July 1861 Lincoln Forces a Battle
  August 1861 Lincoln and Davis Choose Their Generals
  September 1861 Both sides give a little
  October 1861 McClellan Pushes Scott Out the Door
  November 1861 Lincoln Dances With The Great Powers
  December 1861 Lincoln and McClellan Begin Their Struggle
  January 1862 McClellan Confounds the Politicians
  February 1862 Grant Breaks the Kentucky Line
  March 1862 Congress Plans Freedom for the Slaves

What Caused The American Civil War?

What's War Good For?


General Robert E. Lee


General Lee and John Brown 1859
General Lee With the Comanches in Texas
The Lee Family Slaves
General Robert E. Lee Service Record
General Lee Feints at Great Run
The Internment of General Lee at Arlington


Battles: Gettysburg


Concentration at Gettysburg
The Gettysburg Letterbook
The Army of Northern Virginia Moves on Gettysburg
Relative Army Concentrations June 28, 1863 till noon July 1, 1863
Gettysburg First Day
General J.E.B. Stuart's Ride around Hooker
Brown’s Recollection of June 30, July 1 1863


Battles: Second Manassas


The Battle of Second Manassas


Battles:  The Seven Days


The Seven Days Battles
General George McClellan Retreat from The Seven Days Battles Map


Sharpsburg Campaign


Special Order 191: Ruse Of War ©


Special Order 191:Position Paper


Who Wrote The Lost Order?


Sharpsburg Campaign Photo Album


Sectors of General Lee's Operations Topography


General Lee Staff Officers 1862


Additional Articles


Abraham Lincoln Speech


The Buried Fact in the Record: Lincoln Instigated the War


General George McClellan at Yorktown


General David Twiggs In Texas


Location of Hinson's Mill


James Buchanan and Fort Sumter: 1860


Stonewall Jackson and Nathaniel Banks Cedar Mountain 1862


John Brown Attack


General Lee and the Drummer Boy "Why Do The Men Fight"

James W. Lowen
Five Civil War Myths
Arturo Rivera

Why The South Was Not Ready

Robert M. Grooms

Black Slave Owners

Earl Eisenhart

Walter Bowie; Rebel, Ranger, Spy

Bob Redman

Sheridan's Ride at Chickamauga


Bring General George Thomas Home


Chronology Of The Army Of The Cumberland


The battle for Chattanooga Nov. 63


Politics in the Union Army at Chattanooga

Jonathan Gianos-Steinberg

Nathan Bedford Forrest

David G. Surdam

Confederate Naval Buildup

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