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United States Navy Seals DVDs

Navy Seals
Members of one of the world's most elite, most successful military commando forces. They are a highly trained unit of tenacious, intelligent and fearless soldiers. What does it take to become the best of the best? Find out as you follow Class 234 in a rigorous six-month training course that will push the men to extreme physical and emotional limits.

Navy Seals Burnout
Physical Training Challenge

This is a very difficult workout even for people such as myself that are in shape. After completing the workout challenge for 2 months I thought I needed a higher challenge. This workout has half the talking and much more demanding workout repetitions. I only recommend this for anyone who desires to be physically fit or who wants to join the seal team

Someone Special: The Making of a US Navy SEAL
The official US Navy recruiting film for the Navy SEALs during the Vietnam era. This film was shown to all US Navy recruits during their primary training, and it was designed to motivate young sailors to volunteer for SEAL training.

National Geographic
Inside Special Forces

This is an up-to-date and extremely accurate look at today's US Special Forces (USSF). Rather than the typical Rambo-style portrayal of Green Berets, National Geographic has done their usual outstanding job of getting the truth in words and pictures

Navy Seals Training

Four-part documentary takes viewers behind the scenes of the ultra-secret world of the SEALs and explores the elite commando force's training strategies preparation procedures and combat operations
In Harms Way
Examines the complicated and ever-changing definition of war and national security from the perspective of the Navy SEALs whose operations include everything from narcotics trafficking to terrorists
Direct Action
Tracks Navy SEALs as they execute a bold mission in broad daylight to save a downed pilot then follows the force's snipers on watch as the team rescues a captured soldier

The Silent Option
Explores top-of-the-line technological weaponry and artillery as the Navy SEALs unveil the hardware they use to quietly execute their highly specialized operations without a hitch
Hell Week
Witness the Navy SEALs' most grueling training sequences as candidates have their physical and emotional limits pushed to the brink while enduring countless obstacles and challenges

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