Black Slave Owners

Antonia Ford Willard
Confederate Woman Spy

This delicately crafted lace cap and collar set was purportedly made by Antonia Ford Willard while in prison on charges of spying for the Confederate Army. Willard, who was commissioned honorary aide-de-camp to General Jeb Stuart, was thought to have been instrumental in the capture of E.H. Stoughton by John S. Mosby's Rangers at Fairfax Courthouse in 1863. She was arrested for her alleged involvement, incarcerated in Washington's Old Capitol Prison, and married her captor, Union Army Major Joseph C. Willard, one year later.


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Rose O'Neale Greenhow Civil War Spy
Rose O'Neale Greenhow, Civil War Spy

Fearless spy for the Confederacy, glittering Washington hostess, legendary beauty and lover, Rose Greenhow risked everything for the cause she valued more than life itself

Confederate Spy
Rose Oneil Greenhow

Kate Stone
Brokenburn: The Journal of Kate Stone, 1861-1868 (Library of Southern Civilization)
At the start of the war Kate was surrounded by servants who met her every need. But twenty year old Kate Stone's life would be more directly affected by the war. Kate Stone's Louisiana home was occupied by the Yankees forcing the family to flee to Texas. Describes the deprivations of the war years, lack of shoe leather, lack of cloth and the unavailability of new books, and at times cheered by false reports of great southern victories

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A Woman of Honor:
Dr. Walker and the Civil War

A picture of Mary Walker that allows us to see the furrows in her brow as she continued to stubbornly stick to her values. This book is eye-opening and brings to the forefront many women's rights issues that we may not even be aware of.
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Mary Edwards

Hit: Essays on Women's Rights
by Mary Edwards, M.D. Walker

The only woman to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor for her service during the Civil War, Dr. Mary E. Walker (1832-1919) was a surgeon, a public lecturer, and an outspoken champion of women's rights. One of the first women in the country to be awarded a medical degree, she served as an assistant surgeon for the Fifty-second Ohio Infantry
A Black Woman's Civil War Memoirs
A Black Woman's Civil War Memoirs: Reminiscences of My Life in Camp With the 33rd U.S. Colored Troops, Late 1st South Carolina Volunteers
Taylor was born a slave in 1848 on an island off the coast of Georgia. She gained her freedom and worked as a laundress for an African-American Union regiment during the war. She offers fascinating details about her life with the troops
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Children and Youth
Children and Youth during the Civil War Era

The experience of children and youth during that tumultuous time remains a relatively unexplored facet of the conflict. Children and Youth During the Civil War Era seeks a deeper investigation into the historical record by giving voice and context to their struggles and victories

The Confederate Cookbook
The Confederate Cookbook: Family Favorites from the Sons of Confederate Veterans
340 of Dixie's finest recipes courtesy of contemporary Confederate kitchens from Florida to Alaska. Here you'll find the delicious, traditional dishes that evoke the flavour of the Old South, as well as savoury regional favourites from all over the country. Fascinating historic anecdotes and previously unpublished, nostalgic sepia-toned images of identified Confederate soldiers are here for maximum visual appeal, along with easy-to-use instructions for making memorable dishes

To 'Joy My Freedom: Southern Black Women's Lives and Labors after the Civil War
Thousands of former slaves flocked to southern cities in search of work, they found the demands placed on them as wage-earners disturbingly similar to those they had faced as slaves: seven-day workweeks, endless labor, and poor treatment
Freedoms Child
Freedom's Child: The Life of a Confederate General's Black Daughter
This is one woman's personal history, she is the grand-daughter of a white Confederate General who openly acknowledged his mixed-race offspring but who also lived quite happily in the violent segreated world of the deep South of the time and who was not willing to stand up for his own children's rights

The Cambridge Companion to
Harriet Beecher Stowe

Perspectives on the frequently read Uncle Tom's Cabin as well as on topics of perennial interest, such as Harriet Beecher Stowe's representation of race, her attitude to reform, and her relationship to the American novel

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