Jefferson Davis 1808-1889
President of the Confederate States of America

We feel that our cause is just and holy; we protest solemnly in the face of mankind that we desire peace at any sacrifice save that of honour and independence; we ask no conquest, no aggrandizement, no concession of any kind from the States with which we were lately confederated; all we ask is to be let alone; that those who never held power over us shall not now attempt our subjugation by arms.

'President Jefferson Davis - 29 April 1861'
Confederate President Jefferson Daviis
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Jefferson Davies DVD Documentary
Jefferson Davis
An American President

One of the most outstanding statesmen of the United States during the first 60 years of the 19th century, he sacrificed everything to defend the South's position regarding the rights of the states and conservative constitutional interpretation. Against staggering odds he led the South and held it together in the bloody Civil War or War Between the States

Jefferson Davis was born on June 3, 1808, in Christian (now Todd) County, Kentucky,Jefferson Davis Confederate President and educated at Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky.

Military History

    U.S. Military Academy Graduated 1828.
    Afterwards was in the frountier service.
    Health forced him to resign from the army in 1835
    Fought in the Mexican War at Monterrey and Buena Vista
    Wounded at Buena Vista

Political History

    US senator from Mississippi from 1835 to 1845.
    US Congressman from 1845 to 1846
    US Congressman from 1857 to 1861
    Withdrew from the Senate in 1861 when Mississippi seceded.
    On February 18, 1861, the provisional Congress of the Confederate States made him provisional president .
    He was elected to the office by popular vote the same year for a 6-year term and was inaugurated in Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy, on February 22, 1862.

Jefferson Davis
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Confederate Capital
Confederate Capital Building

During the War

Davis failed to raise sufficient money to fight the American Civil War and could not obtain recognition and help for the Confederacy from foreign governments. He was in constant conflict with extreme exponents of the doctrine of states' rights, and his attempts to have high military officers appointed by the president were opposed by the governors of the states. The judges of state courts constantly interfered in military matters through judicial decisions.

Davis was nevertheless responsible for the raising of the formidable Confederate armies, the notable appointment of General Robert E. Lee as commander of the Army of Virginia, and the encouragement of industrial enterprise throughout the South. His zeal, energy, and faith in the cause of the South were a source of much of the tenacity with which the Confederacy fought the Civil War. Even in 1865 Davis still hoped the South would be able to achieve its independence, but at last he realized defeat was imminent and fled from Richmond.

On May 10, 1865, federal troops captured him at Irwinville, Georgia. From 1865 to 1867 he was imprisoned at Fortress Monroe, Virginia. Davis was indicted for treason in 1866 but the next year was released on a bond of $100,000 signed by the American newspaper publisher Horace Greeley and other influential Northerners. In 1868 the federal government dropped the case against him.

This monument marks the spot where Jefferson Davis was captured in Irwinville, Georgia

From 1870 to 1878 he engaged in a number of unsuccessful business enterprises; and from 1878 until his death in New Orleans, on December 6, 1889, he lived near Biloxi, Mississippi. His grave is in Richmond, Virginia. He wrote The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government (1881).

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Rise and Fall Confederate Government

The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government
Jefferson Davis' point of view is essential to understanding the causes of the Civil War.

The Beginning and the End: The Civil War Story of Federal Surrenders Before Fort Sumter and Confederate Surrenders After Appomatox

Surrenders continued for months after Appomattox. The background of Johnston's surrender in North Carolina, Taylor's in Alabama , Jones's in Florida,  the same day that Davis was captured—and Kirby-Smith's, west of the Mississippi

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Why Confederate Fought

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Why Confederates Fought: Family and Nation in Civil War Virginia

The Southern view of slavery as essential to the Southern economy is reiterated. Slavery was the great Southern irony, viewed as a foundation of white liberty. From that perspective, the Confederate soldier's choice was simply victory or death

Political Culture and Secession in Mississippi: Masculinity, Honor, and the Antiparty Tradition, 1830-60

A rich new perspective on the events leading up to the Civil War and will prove an invaluable tool for understanding the central crisis in American politics.

Jefferson Davis and his cabinet with General Lee in the Council Chamber at Richmond
Jefferson Davis and cabinet General Lee Council Chamber Richmond

jefferson davis children
The Davis Children
Picture taken in Canada after the war
one son died after falling in the Executive Mansion in 1864

The Men of Secession and Civil War, 1859-1861

Slavery, Secession, and Civil War: Views from the UK and Europe, 1856-1865
Confederate President Jefferson Davis in Uniform

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Jefferson Davis: Unconquerable Heart Shades of Blue and Gray
Jefferson Davis in a different light - as an American patriot and a human being. In the passions that colour anything dealing with the War of Northern Aggression, it is sometimes difficult to remember that everyone involved had a life before that tragic conflict. I can't help but be grateful for the way in which Mrs. Allen brought that point home in her book. While I will still take issue with many of his wartime decisions, I can't help but be proud that our nation produced a man like Jefferson Davis

No scholar can fail to appreciate Allen's exhaustive research,, nor any layman fail to be amazed at her mass of fact and significant detail

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London News 1861

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