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Alexander Kelly

Alexander Kelly

First Sergeant, Co. F, 6th U.S. Colored Troop. Born in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania on April 7, 1840 Alexander Kelly entered service in Allegheny City, PA on April 7, 1863.

He saw action on Chaffin's Farm (Fort Harrison), VA on September 29, 1864. His citation read that Kelly "gallantly seized the colors, which had fallen near the enemy's lines of abatis, raised them and rallied the men at a time of confusion and in a place of the greatest danger.

His Medal of Honor was presented on April 6, 1865. He was a 23-year-old coal miner who stood 5 feet 3 and one-half inches in height. On September 3rd, 1863, he was appointed First Sergeant of his unit, at that time stationed at Camp William Penn, Chilton Hills, PA. Kelly was mustered out of the U.S. Army at Wilmington, NC, on September 20, 1865.

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