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Shenandoah Valley

The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864
Shenandoah Valley of Virginia Campaign of 1864 lasted more than four months and claimed more than 25,000 casualties. The armies of Philip H. Sheridan and Jubal A. Early contended for immense stakes

Virginia Civil War Map of Battles 1864

Virginia Civil War Map of Battles
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Virginia 1864
Virginia at War, 1864

Following a year in which only one major battle was fought on Virginia soil, 1864 brought military campaigning to the Old Dominion. For the first time during the Civil War, the majority of Virginia's forces fought inside the state's borders. Yet soldiers were a distinct minority among the Virginians affected by the war

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Cold Harbor

Cold Harbor Grant and Lee
May 26-June 3, 1864

A chronicle of the bloody fighting in 1864 as Ulysses Grant headed south and Robert E. Lee tried to prevent him from success. From the Wilderness to Spotsylvania Court House to the North Anna River to Cold Harbor.

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Civil War Curiosities: Strange Stories, Oddities, Events, and Coincidences

This work was fascinating to read and was neither over dramatic or under written. The stories were lively and interesting and the additon of old photos and draqwings helped fill out the book.

  February 6-7, 1864 Morton's Ford / Rapidan River
March 2, 1864 Walkerton / Mantapike Hill
May 5-7, 1864 Wilderness / Furnaces / Todd's Tavern
May 6-7, 1864 Port Walthall Junction
May 8-21, 1864 Spotsylvania Court House / Corbin's Bridge
May 9, 1864 Cloyd's Mountain
May 9, 1864 Swift Creek / Arrowfield Church
May 10, 1864 Chester Station
May 10, 1864 Cove Mountain
May 11, 1864 Yellow Tavern
May 12-16, 1864 Proctor's Creek / Drewry's Bluff, / Fort Darling
May 15, 1864 New Market
May 20, 1864 Ware Bottom Church
May 23-26, 1864 North Anna / Jericho Mill / Hanover Junction
May 24, 1864 Wilson's Wharf / Fort Pocahontas
May 28, 1864 Haw's Shop / Enon Church
May 28-30, 1864 Totopotomoy Creek / Shady Grove Road
May 30, 1864 Old Church / Matadequin Creek
May 31-June 12, 1864 Second Cold Harbor
June 5-6, 1864 Piedmont
June 9, 1864 Petersburg
June 11-12, 1864 Trevilian Station
June 15-18, 1864 Assault on Petersburg
June 17-18, 1864 Lynchburg
June 21-24, 1864 Jerusalem Plank Road / First Battle of Weldon
June 24, 1864 Saint Mary's Church / Nance's Shop
June 25, 1864 Staunton River / Blacks and Whites
June 28, 1864 Sappony Church / Stony Creek Depot
June 29, 1864 Ream's Station
July 17-18, 1864 Cool Spring / Island Ford / Parkers Ford
July 20, 1864 Rutherford's Farm
July 24, 1864 Kernstown Second
July 27-29, 1864 Deep Bottom I / Strawberry Plains / Gravel Hill
July 30, 1864 Crater / The Mine
August 13-20, 1864 Deep Bottom II / Fussell's Mill / Bailey's Creek
August 16, 1864 Guard Hill / Front Royal / Cedarville
August 18-21, 1864 Globe Tavern / Yellow Tavern / Blick's Station
August 25, 1864 Ream's Station
September 3-4, 1864 Berryville
September 19, 1864 Opequon / Third Winchester
September 21-22, 1864 Fisher's Hill
September 29-30, 1864 Chaffin's Farm / New Market Heights
September 30, 1864 Peebles' Farm / Poplar Springs Church
October 2, 1864 Saltville
October 7, 1864 Darbytown / New Market Roads / Fourmile Creek
October 9, 1864 Tom's Brook / Woodstock Races
October 13, 1864 Darbytown Road / Alms House
October 19, 1864 Cedar Creek
October 27-28, 1864 Boydton Plank / Hatcher's Run / Burgess' Mill
October 27-28, 1864 Fair Oaks / Darbytown Road / Second Fair Oaks
December 17-18, 1864 Marion
December 20-21, 1864 Saltville
Infantry Kepi
Civil War Confederate
Suede Grey Kepi Hat

Gates to Richmond
To The Gates of Richmond
The Peninsula Campaign

For three months General McClellan battled his way toward Richmond, but then CSA General Lee took command of the Confederate forces. In seven days, Lee drove the cautious McClellan out, thereby changing the course of the war

Virginia State Battle Map 1861
Virginia State Battle Map 1862
Virginia State Battle Map 1863
Virginia State Battle Map 1865

Civil War State Battle Maps

American Civil War Exhibits

American Civil War Timeline

Summary of the Civil War

Civil War Submarine

Appomattox Court House

Civil War Picture Album

Women in the Civil War

Documents of the War

University of Virginia Cavaliers sweatshirt
Virginia Cavaliers Sweatshirt

Cavaliers Ballcap
Virginia Cavaliers Ballcap

Swallowed Up
Swallowed Up in Victory: A Civil War Narrative, Petersburg, 1864-1865
A narrative of the last year of the American Civil War, follows the action surrounding the first attacks on Petersburg through the surrender at Appomattox
Last Citadel
The Last Citadel: Petersburg
Virginia, June 1864-April 1865

The Siege of Petersburg was the prelude to the final chapter of our Nation's Civil War. The work is thoroughly researched with a plethora of primary sources incorporated right into the text
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Shenandoah 1864

The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864
Shenandoah Valley of Virginia Campaign of 1864 lasted more than four months and claimed more than 25,000 casualties. The armies of Philip H. Sheridan and Jubal A. Early contended for immense stakes
Lees Army
Lee's Miserables: Life in the Army of Northern Virginia from the Wilderness to Appomattox

The words of the soldiers themselves provide a view of the army's experiences in camp, on the march, in combat, and under siege—from the battles in the Wilderness to the final retreat to Appomattox. It sheds new light on such questions as the state of morale in the army, the causes of desertion, ties between the army and the home front
North Anne River
To the North Anna River
Grant and Lee, May 13-25, 1864

Spectacular narrative of the initial campaign between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee in 1864. May 13 through 25, was critical in the clash between the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia.
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Lees Left

Lee's Endangered Left: The Civil War In Western Virginia, Spring Of 1864
Grant devised a plan of concerted action to bring down the Confederacy. He aimed to destroy General Lee's supply source for his Army in Western Virginia and to use military activity there as an extended turning movement to threaten Lee from the west

The Official Virginia
Civil War Battlefield Guide

Virginia was host to nearly 1/3rd of all Civil War engagements. This guide covers them all like a mini-history of the war. This guide organizes battles chronologically. Each campaign has a detailed overview, followed by concise descriptions of the individual engagements
In the Footsteps of Grant and Lee
The Wilderness Through Cold Harbor

For forty days, the armies fought a grinding campaign from the Rapidan River to the James River that helped decide the course of the Civil War. Several of the war's bloodiest engagements occurred in this brief period: the Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, the North Anna River, Totopotomoy Creek, Bethesda Church, and Cold Harbor

The Wilderness Campaign
Military Campaigns of the Civil War

In 1864, in the vast Virginia scrub forest known as the Wilderness, Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee first met in battle. The Wilderness campaign of May 5-6 initiated an epic confrontation between these two Civil War commanders
Victory Without Triumph
The Wilderness, May 6th & 7th, 1864

John Priest meticulously details the vicious infantry fighting along the Plank Road, Longstreet's counterstrike against the II Corps, the cavalry operations of both armies near Todd's Tavern, and John B. Gordon's daring assault against the Army of the Potomac's right flank.
The Spotsylvania Campaign
The Spotsylvania Campaign marked a crucial period in the confrontation between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee in Virginia. Waged over a two-week period in mid-May 1864, it included some of the most savage fighting of the Civil War and left indelible marks on all involved
The Battle of the Wilderness
May 5-6, 1864

Fought in a tangled forest fringing the south bank of the Rapidan River, the Battle of the Wilderness marked the initial engagement in the climactic months of the Civil War in Virginia, and the first encounter between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee
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Passing of Armies

The Passing of Armies: An Account Of The Final Campaign Of The Army Of The Potomac
The beginning of the final campaign of the Army of the Potomac against Confederate General Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia. It was the spring of 1864 and General Grant had Lee and his army backing up toward what finally became the siege of Petersburg, Virginia.
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Grant Lee Warfare

Trench Warfare under Grant and Lee: Field Fortifications in the Overland Campaign
Narrative history of military operations in the Overland Campaign of May and June, 1864: the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna, and Cold Harbor. Describes Union and Confederate earthworks and how Grant and Lee used them in this new era of field entrenchments.
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One Continuous Fight: The Retreat from Gettysburg and the Pursuit of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia
The first detailed military history of Lee's retreat and the Union effort to catch and destroy the wounded Army of Northern Virginia Complimented with 18 original maps, dozens of photos, and a complete driving tour with GPS coordinates of the entire retreat

Bloody Roads South: The Wilderness to Cold Harbor, May-June 1864
This chronicles the great 1864 Overland Campaign, forty days that marked the end of the Civil War. In detail the battles in Virginia's Wilderness to the combat at Spotsylvania the trap laid by Lee at the North Anna River, to the killing ground of Cold Harbor

Civil War History Documentary DVD Movie Titles

History Channel Presents
The Civil War

From Harper's Ferry, Fort Sumter, and First Bull Run to Shiloh, Antietam, and Gettysburg. The most legendary Civil War battles in brilliant detail. A selection of the soldiers and legendary leaders.

History Channel Presents
Sherman's March

In November 1864, Sherman and an army of 60,000 troops began their month-long march from Atlanta to Savannah. Burning crops, destroying bridges and railroads, and laying waste to virtually everything in his path

The Civil War in Virginia
Virginia was the arena where North and South fought many of their bloodiest battles. the program gives a full account of the events that took place describing in detail the history of the American Civil War in Virginia

Civil War Journal, West Point Classmates - Civil War Enemies, Robert E. Lee
Beyond the pages of history and into the personal stories behind the Great Conflict

American Experience
The Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry

After Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, the governor of Massachusetts was authorized to raise the first northern black regiment,  the Massachusetts 54th colored infantry.

Long Road Back to Kentucky:
The 1862 Confederate Invasion

The often-overlooked Western campaign of the war with a specific emphasis on Kentucky's involvement in the American Civil War.

History's Mysteries: Family Feud:
The Hatfields And McCoys

Millions of dollars worth of timber and coal rich land were at stake, the courts were involved and once the national press got wind of what was happening, the backwoods folk found that their fight was being followed nationwide

The Civil War - A Film by Ken Burns
Here is the saga of celebrated generals and ordinary soldiers, a heroic and transcendent president and a country that had to divide itself in two in order to become one

Wargame Construction
Age of Rifles 1846 - 1905

Game lets you design and play turn-based strategic battles. You can create scenarios betwen years 1846 and 1905. You have complete control over all the units, and can customize their firepower, movement points, strength, aggressiveness, etc. Supports 1 or 2 players
Nation Divided
History Channel
Civil War A Nation Divided

Rally the troops and organize a counterattack -- Your strategic decision and talent as a commander will decide if the Union is preserved or if Dixie wins its independence
Sid Meiers
Sid Meier's Civil War Collection
Take command of either Confederate or Union troops and command them to attack from the trees, rally around the general, or do any number of other realistic military actions. The AI reacts to your commands as if it was a real Civil War general, and offers infinite replayability. The random-scenario generator provides endless variations on the battles
video game
Campaign Gettysburg:
Civil War Battles

Campaign Gettysburg is simply the best of all the HPS Civil War games. While all of those are very good in their own right they simply do not compete with the level of detail presented here.
Hundreds of scenarios and multiple OOBs are only the start, the best thing is the campaign game

The Virginia State seal depicts the Roman goddess Virtus representing the spirit of the Commonwealth. She is dressed as an Amazon, a sheathed sword in one hand, and a spear in the other, and one foot on the form of Tyranny, who is pictured with a broken chain in his left hand, a scourge in his right, and his fallen crown nearby, implying struggle that has ended in complete victory. Virginia's motto, Sic Semper Tyrannis (Latin for "Thus Always to Tyrants"), appears at the bottom. Buy this Virginia State Flag
Virginia State Flag
In 1861, the Virginia State Convention passed an ordinance establishing a design virtually identical to that in current use. This flag has a deep blue field with a circular white center. The obverse of the great seal of the Commonwealth has been identically painted or embroidered on each side of the flag. A white silk fringe adorns the edge farthest from the flag staff.
Bonnie Blue Flag

Bonnie Blue
The Confederate government did not adopt this flag but the people did and the lone star flags were adopted in some form in five of the southern States that adopted new flags in 1861.
Southern Cross Flag

Used as a navy jack at sea from 1863 onward. This flag has become the generally recognized symbol of the South.
Second Confederate Flag
second confederate flag
On May 1st,1863, a second design was adopted, placing the Battle Flag (also known as the "Southern Cross") as the canton on a white field. This flag was easily mistaken for a white flag of surrender especially when the air was calm and the flag hung limply.
More on Confederate Flags

Virginia Regimental Flag

This flag was carried by an unknown Virginia regiment. On April 8, 1865, Major Thomas Ward of General Armstrong Custer's calvary division captured it near Namozine Church. Major Ward was General Custer's brother-in-law.

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Naval Strategies of the Civil War: Confederate Innovations and Federal Opportunism
Compare and contrast the strategies of the Southern Secretary of the Navy, Mallory, against his rival in the North, Welles. Mallory used technological innovation and the skill of individuals to bolster the South's seapower against the Union Navy's superior numbers


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